Depression Treatment in Chico, CADepression Treatment

Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) is an evidence-based, solution-focused depression treatment. The cognitive element addresses the beliefs you have about yourself, your relationships, and the future. Treatment focuses on helping you think in more realistic and useful ways.

The behavioral element addresses problems with passivity and inactivity, patterns of behavior that make depressive symptoms worse. Treatment focuses on helping you regain a sense of control by creatively supporting your efforts to get back to doing the things that give you pleasure and a sense of accomplishment.

Symptoms of Depression

Depression feels exhausting and hopeless. When symptoms are intense, our beliefs can become excessively negative, we judge ourselves harshly, and our expectations for people and the future are unreasonable.

Sometimes the sadness of depression follows the loss of something meaningful. This could be a loved one, a job, warm weather, pleasure in life, or competence due to injury or other setbacks. A depressed mood may last for weeks or even months.

Being passive and spending too much time watching TV or sleeping start to take the place of more productive activities. Eating too much or not enough becomes an issue. Life feels like a chore and activities that used to be pleasurable aren’t anymore. It can feel like we can’t do anything right or that things never go our way.

Psychological Services

Imagine being more active, skilled, and competent, communicating more effectively in relationships, being more productive at work or school, and feeling more satisfied with life. An evidence-based treatment, like cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), can help you overcome the symptoms of depression and think, feel, and function better.

I provide CBT for major depression (MDD) and persistent depression (dysthymia). For information about my services, including cognitive behavior therapy for depression, please visit my therapy page. To schedule a free consultation, please e-mail me.